Strength Seminars

Delivered from a unique perspective of an athlete / clinician offering both performance enhancement and injury prevention.

How does it work?

What are Strength Seminars?

These seminars offer in-depth exploration of strength training essentials, including relevant anatomical considerations, biomechanics, common issues, corrective strategies, program design, and hands-on practice.

Receive post-seminar notes and a CPD certificate.

Elevate your strength training expertise today.

What can I expect?

Over a 2 hour seminar we will delve into one lift from a theoretical perspective, dissecting it in great detail fostering an understanding of the lift so you can confidently program yourself in the gym, adjust programming to be unique to the individual rather than cookie cutter recommendations and assist your patients returning to the gym in a clinical setting who have suffered an injury in the gym.

There will also be a practical component to allow participants to experience the recommendations and query the though process behind the recommendations given.

Who is it designed for?

These seminars are designed for anyone interested in building strength, rehabilitating injuries, and understanding human movement.

The course is also beneficial to coaches or allied health professionals looking to support their clients.

There are no specific fitness requirements to attend these seminars. Hands-on training will be offered in line with each individual's unique goals. If you're looking for more personalized coaching, please contact us about our one-on-one sessions with Dr Trevor to find the best service to suit your needs.

How do I book?

The cost of the seminars is $150 for two hours, including notes for the course.

Courses run every other Saturday from 12-2pm.

Limited to 10 people per seminar.


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