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Massage - Remedial, Therapeutic and Sports Specific

Massage Therapy in Townsville Pimlico, Queensland Offers Many Benefits

Massage is an ancient method of healing that goes back thousands of years to Ancient China and Ancient Egypt. Many cultures throughout history have used massage, often in combination with other healing arts. Massage uses the very basic human connection of touch to improve physical processes that promote healing. Massage increases circulation to affected areas of the body, which can enhance the body’s ability to heal itself. In addition, massage relaxes and rejuvenates, improving the production of body chemicals that improve healing. Many health professionals are beginning to appreciate the benefits of alternative therapies like massage to help their patients who may not be completely helped by conventional methods.

Conditions Massage Therapy Can Help

Massage can be used to improve a range of health problems, including headaches, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, sprains and minor injuries, temporomandibular joint pain, digestive problems, anxiety, myofascial pain syndrome and disorder related to stress. It can also be used to relieve swelling in the arms and legs during pregnancy, as well as to relieve joint pain and improve sleep.

Types of Massage

A wide variety of massage techniques can be used, such as shiatsu massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone massage and others. Some types involve using pressure points of the body to improve circulation and neural activity. Others may involve long, stroking motions on the muscles, tapping or pinching movements. Each of these provides specific benefits for certain types of health conditions.

Let Back2Health360 Help You Return To Health and Full Function

Dr. Sherry Coons and the staff at Back2Health360 take a multidisciplinary approach to helping their patients in Townsville Pimlico, Queensland and surrounding areas. We offer chiropractic manipulation, soft tissue active release, physiotherapy, ultrasound, massage and nutritional counseling to help our patients achieve better health and function. We also offer Smart DNA testing and treatment of adrenal fatigue. We have a number of classes and program to promote health and improve performance in your work and recreational activities. Contact Back2Health360 today at (116174) 728-3200 for an appointment to learn how massage can help improve your health and fitness for work and for play.

New patients receive $25 OFF your first visit.

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