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Sports Chiropractic

Chiropractors for Athletes at Your Pimlico Chiropractorchiropractor for athletes

When you visit your Pimlico chiropractor at Back2Health360, you’ll work closely with our skilled and experienced professionals to determine the best treatment for your needs. Athletes should always work closely with chiropractors who understand their bodies and the physically-demanding conditions they face on a day-to-day basis. In our office, our chiropractors and other team members are also athletes. They have first-hand experience to guide them in providing you with exceptional care. Why should you have a chiropractor if you are an athlete?

Resolving Injuries

One of the key reasons to visit your chiropractor is to help you recover from an injury. Sports injuries are often very damaging to the body. The force of an impact, for example, can jar a shoulder or lead to whiplash in the neck. These types of injuries do not just impact the muscle, but they also alter the spinal column’s alignment. When your spine is not aligned properly, this causes pressure and pain on the nerves. It also means your body cannot move at its best. Chiropractic care can help to resolve these injuries at their source by properly aligning the spinal column and joints throughout the body.

Improving Mobility

Perhaps you’ve been hurt while playing a sport. You may have developed limited movement or overall flexibility due to repetitive use of your limbs. When you visit your chiropractor, we’ll work with you to improve your mobility overall. To achieve this, we’ll focus on several steps. The first is to correct any alignment concerns. Then, we may implement corrective exercises to re-teach your body how to move properly. We’ll work on strengthening your muscles and the way your joints work, improving your mobility and balancing your flexibility.

Improving Abilities

Chiropractors can take athletes to the next level. We offer a number of services that can improve the function of your muscle groups and limbs. We can do this through a number of methods. For example, sports-specific massages can work to reduce inflammation and pain, but they can also help to stimulate muscle growth after a workout by speeding the healing process. We can also work with you through nutritional counseling.

A Customized Treatment Plan

Chiropractors for athletes can do much more for you. Our goal is to create a customized treatment plan to address your specific needs. We offer a wide range of treatment options to facilitate this including:

  • Numerous massage types
  • Physiotherapy
  • Soft tissue active release technique
  • Real-time ultrasound core screening
  • Smart DNA testing
  • Adrenal fatigue and more

When you come in for a comprehensive exam, we’ll talk to you about your goals. Your chiropractor can help to reduce your risk of injury, improve your ability to perform at your highest level, help you recover from injury, and reduce any pain you may have. Remember, we understand what you're facing on the field, court, and arena. Let our comprehensive experience in the office on the field help you excel.

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