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Back Pain

Back Pain Chiropractor Townsville Pimlico

Trying to live an active lifestyle in Townsville Pimlico can be a challenge. Whether you push yourself too hard, accidentally fall, or fall prey to the demands of your job, you can find yourself suffering from back pain. At Back2Health360 Sports Health and Wellness we put a strong focus on not only relieving back pain, as well as other types of injuries but on helping you get your life and activity level back where it was before your injury, and in many cases, we can help you feel even better than you did before.

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Getting Help for Your Back Pain in Townsville Pimlico

While our team at Back2Health360 Sports Health and Wellness is headed by chiropractor Dr. Sherry Coons, we offer a variety of therapies and supporting practitioners that are ready to help your back heal and can get you into the groove of a healthy and active lifestyle. When you first come in, your injuries will be fully assessed by reviewing x-rays and your personal health history and Dr. Coons will discuss what type of treatment plan is appropriate for your situation so that you can make an informed decision how to proceed.

Depending on your injury and your wellness goals you may receive a combination of chiropractic treatment, massage therapy, and physiotherapy in order reduce your pain and improve flexibility and range of motion. In some cases, Dr. Coons may recommend a treatment plan that includes health care providers outside of Back2Health360 Sports Health and Wellness as well. The first goal is to be able to answer three basic questions you will most likely want answers to

How can Back2Health360 help me heal?
How often will I need to come in for treatments?
What will my treatments cost?
Since everyone is different, the answers to these questions will be different for everyone

A Patient's Role in Healing Back Pain

While the professionals at Back2Health360 will guide your back pain treatment, some of the responsibility for healing reverts back to the patient. Once your plan has been prescribed and it has been determined what types of exercises you can do safely at home or with the help of Injury Rehab Specialists, you may be asked to supplement your clinic treatments with some of these exercises in order to help strengthen muscles and prevent further injury. In addition, you'll be given lifestyle and nutrition advice that can help you to avoid further back pain and help you live the active life you desire.

Visit our Townsville Pimlico Chiropractor for Back Pain Relief

Whether you have pain or discomfort in your back from a specific injury or are just feeling the effects of the wear and tear of daily life, at Back2Health360 in Townsville Pimilco, we are committed to helping you get the pain relief you need and achieve your health goals. To learn more about how that process will work for you, contact us at (116174) 728-3200 to schedule an appointment.

New patients receive $25 OFF your first visit.

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