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Wobble Board Balance

  • Start by standing on the wobble board with your feet shoulder width apart.
  • Try to balance for as long as you can without any of the edges touching the ground.
  • To make the exercise easier, you can try balancing on a dura disc, piece of foam or a pillow.
  • This is a great exercise to help with ankle/knee/hip/core stability. It is very commonly used to rehabilitate someone after rolling an ankle.
  • Proprioception or balance exercises teach your body to control the position of an injured joint or muscle. The unpredictable movements of the wobble board re-educates your body to quickly react to the wobble movements without having to think about these movements.
  • Elite athletes are not thinking about how to stay balanced as they pass or kick a ball, this all happens automatically. This is what you are trying to retrain through balance exercises to assist with functional strengthening and returning from injury.


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